The History of Belvedere Golf Club

Imagine a group of civic leaders and sports enthusiasts discussing the formation of a golf club 100 years ago in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Now imagine that club thriving in today’s highly competitive marketplace in the number one golf destination in Canada.

The general character of the Charlottetown Golf Club, traditionally, and now officially named Belvedere, has changed little since it was founded over one hundred years ago. It is one of Canada’s oldest golf courses still situated on the original site, and based on that location, its current condition, reputation, activity and popularity, this century old club is currently enjoying its finest hour.

The site, known in the late 1800s as the Belvidere Woods (spelled with an “i”), was the property of a retired British naval officer, George Beazeley. The property was inherited by his son Alexander, a London based civil engineer who, in 1902, entered into a lease-purchase arrangement with a small group of sporting minded Charlottetown entrepreneurs who had a desire to bring this relatively new-to-North America game of golf to Charlottetown. Their organizational spirit and foresight has enabled Belvedere to sustain itself and evolve, over the past century, into the treasure that exists today.

Today’s membership at Belvedere consists of a wide circle of civic and business leaders, educators and individuals with a variety of professional credentials, who volunteer their time and expertise to serve at Board level and in committees to assist management in club operation. If one were to peruse membership lists over the century it would reveal surnames that are now three to four generations deep, providing an invaluable continuity of devotion to the game and interest in the heritage established.

Ranked with the best member clubs in Eastern Canada this traditional “Country Club” layout winds through hardwood lined fairways and plays to a four hour round walking or riding. A must to play on your PEI Tour, this Par 72, 18 hole course is groomed daily to tournament like conditions.